Queensland's Solar Power


At Big Sky Energy we understand that power reliability can be a huge problem and can affect productivity and ultimately the viability of your project. We have some of the most qualified industrial electricians in Queensland and we all pride ourselves in tailoring a solution to meet your power needs. From small solar battery storage systems to large scale Solar storage Farms, Big Sky Energy can provide a solution that meets your energy requirements.

Why Solar Power?

Solar electric systems are clean, reliable systems that produce electricity from the sun. Most systems meet 70-110% of their client's annual electric needs, and in addition to being an important step towards sustainability, they provide both a security against future energy prices and a good investment.

  • Customers no longer have to worry about rising energy rates
  • Receive credits for any electricity you produce and send back to the utility grid
  • Big Sky Energy offers free in-home estimates to find the solar electric system that works best for you

Why Big Sky Energy?

We stand by our work even long after we’ve put the solar panels up on your roof and you’ve turned on the power. Here's what makes us stand out:

  • Our 24/7 system monitoring solution helps ensure your system is running smoothly. It will even alert us if problems arise
  • Solar power systems are very reliable, but we’ll take care of any repairs at no added cost if anything does happen
  • Our coverage is the best in the industry with repairs and a production guarantee at no additional cost

Get in touch to see how a solar system from Big Sky Energy can save you $$$ on your electricity plan!